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15-Minute Step And Circuit Workout | Best Home Weight Bench

Today we are going old school and doing a 15-Minute step and circuit workout with the Escape Fitness Workout Deck. This bench is a great addition to any home gym because you can do so much with it and it takes up very little space. I used to have one of those heavy metal, clunky weight benches in my home and it wound up being a great place to dry clothes on. Do you know what I am talking about?

This workout bench is truly amazing. The bench can be configured in 16 different configurations. It can be used in the incline, decline, ramp mode, and flat position. The step adjusts from 8″ to 14″ to vary your workouts even more! Plus you can attach resistance bands to it too. It even has a compartment where you can store, weights, bands, and a water bottle.

15-Minute Step and Circuit Workout Video

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