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You ask, I deliver. A lot of you have been requesting more workouts using the Pilates ring so I’m excited to share that a new 20-minute Full Body Pilates ring workout. I love this Pilates Ring.

The pilates ring is a magical fitness tool. You can work out your whole body with it in the comfort of your own home at any time. It’s portable enough to pack it in your suitcase on vacation or take it with you to the gym. It is also known as The Magic Circle or the Power Ring. Not only is it great for exercising but it’s wonderful for stretching before and after your workout.

The ring (also known as the magic circle) can be used to modify exercises or make them more challenging. It’s an incredibly versatile and lightweight tool that allows you to incorporate resistance training into your routine without heavy weights.

The Pilates Ring  Provides Feedback

I love the way the ring provides feedback; using it during a workout can help you engage the proper muscles, adjust your alignment, and correct imbalances. This quick routine will tone, shape, and strengthen your entire body.

20- Minute Pilates Ring Full Body Workout Video on YOUTUBE

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