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Rebounding Exercises For A Toned Butt – Laura London

Rebounding Exercises For A Toned Butt (Feel The “London” Burn)

Rebounding Exercises For A Toned Butt (Feel The Burn) – Rebounding workouts for women who want to tone their backside. Are you rebounding at home? Rebounding for weight loss or rebounding for health? Well a mini trampoline workout is great for the whole body.

You already know I love rebounding and all the many health benefits it brings to the body. Today we are using the mini trampoline to do a rebounding workout to target your lower body and I am adding in some cardio for fat burning of course!

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Rebounding Exercises For A Toned Butt Video

Why Rebounding Is The Best Exercise For Your Body

When you exercise with weights you are working against gravity pushing the weights. Jumping on the REBOUNDER you are reaching weightlessness like an astronaut and there is no stress or pressure on the body.

When you are at the bottom of the bounce with your feet on the rebounder you are experiencing and increase in G-force that works every cell, muscle and tissue simultaneously for full body workouts. The increased G-force that your body takes on when you jump on a rebounder helps build bone mass at an increased rate as well. Plus it is easy on your joints.

This is the rebounder that I am using in this video: Laura Loves – Rebouder

Here are some other great rebounders for every budget

Bungee Rebounders I Recommend:

Bellicon 44″ Rebounder:

Leaps and Rebounds Rebounder: Use code LauraLondon10 for 10% off your rebounder purchase.

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